What We Believe

The Light Church, Inc.


​​​​​We believe that God is building a family.
He wants all of mankind —including you— to be part of that family.

We’re committed to recapturing and practicing true biblical Christianity and sharing God’s awesome plan with the world. We strive to follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices of the early Church.

In the Bible, the word “church” doesn’t mean the building, the leader or the entertainment. 

“Church” means assembly.

The Church is the people—a body of believers. We’re a church dedicated to learning and doing the will of God. 

Our outreach and Sabbath services are Bible-centered, teaching directly from the Word of God. Whether your local congregation is big or small, you’ll find a caring pastor who offers biblical teaching and personal counseling so we can grow together.

​​Jesus Christ reveals God the Father.

Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection makes your eternal life possible. He came to reveal the Father. God is a personal Being of supreme love who wants you to be part of His family for all of eternity!

We study and believe the entire Bible.

We believe the entire Bible represents God’s full message to humanity. All Scripture—both Old and New Testaments—is important (2 Timothy 3:16), and God’s Word is living and authoritative for all Christians.